Erasmus+ DAY 4

On the 4th day of the meeting in Poland we went on a trip to the Jata Reserve – the natural protection of fir. All the participants had a chance to admire the breathtaking views of the forest as well as the buty and the power of the oldest trees, such as oaks, firs, pines, spruces and some examples of the wildlife. A guide told us about the sustainable actions taken in the area of the forest. After a walk with the umbrellas we had a luch by the bonfire.

Then we visited the Forestry Office in Ławki, where we were introduced to the general aims of the Forest District, which  is  governed  by  the  Regional Directorate  of  State  Forests  in  Warsaw.  We also had a chance to design and create our own jewellery made from the wood and different forest fruit.

Directly from the Forestry Office we went to the  Regional  Muzeum  in  Łuków, where we were admiring the exhibitions presenting traditional ways of cultivating fields, typical clothes characteristic for the Łuków district, beautiful wooden sculptures and the collection of ammonites.

After that the students were presenting the results of the project and shared the examples of sustainable ways of living in their countries, as well as the actions taken since the beginning of our project.

The final point of the day was a great farewell party.


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